I created the ‘Original’ JonyJib out of items I could find locally at home improvement stores. Necessity ‘is’ the mother of invention. My original jib consisted of 2″ square steel main upper masts and 1″ round steel lower tie rods to create the infamous parallelogram. After a bit of drilling and powder coating, these were assembled and shipped as the original JonyJib Jr, 12 and 18 foot versions. We also offered an Anvil style road case that measured 74″ x 14″ x 14″. We called it the mini coffin. We sold a ton of these jibs in the first four years and always asked for feedback from our customers. We also followed comments posted to user message boards. The comments we received were:

1) The JonyJib needs to break down into smaller pieces to facilitate easier travel.

2) The JonyJib needs to be lighter weight.

3) The JonyJib needs to get longer.

Sometime in late 2005, I went back to the electronic drawing board (Visio) and started working on a more modular design. The individual components needed to be shorter but connectable. We needed to change from steel to aluminum. The connectable components needed to be extendable to longer lengths. What was created was a prototype of the JonyJib Pro 30′ jib arm. Each of the mast tubes are octagonal, hollow and progressively larger or smaller diameter as you traverse its length. They telescope into one another for easy storage. Each tube measures only 48″. This is the longest length that you would need to carry.

The prototype was ready in time for NAB 2006. It created quite a buzz! Who was this new contender in the jib wars? A few months later I designed a shorter jib using the same design which we call the JonyJib2. Both of these models use the same extension tube design. The difference is basically the attainable camera height and the amount of counterweight and pivot support required to attain the height. Since the JonyJib2 peaks at 18 feet it can be used with a lighter pivot support and a 250 lb. capacity tripod/dolly configuration. The JonyJib Pro extends the camera another 12 feet (beyond 18), doubling the amount of counterweight and pivot support required. It requires a 450+ lb capacity tripod/dolly combination to support the rig weight. These two models thrust the JonyJib into the mainstream making it a viable alternative to a shorter JimmyJib or a Cammate. It is also a very good ‘traveling’ jib!

We’ve tweaked the design slightly here and there, but the basic design remains intact and we achieved our 3 point goal. These two jib models replaced the original JonyJib in 2006 and have experienced brisk sales ever since. We also rolled out a new ‘rolling’ hard case for the JonyJib2 and one for the electronics. We recently introduced a new zoom, focus iris control unit. We are currently working on a heavy duty tripod, dolly and track system and few other surprises. Stay tuned…

We get positive comments from users, many of whom have bought units to rent out to others. You’ll find JonyJibs throughout the world at production companies, corporate video departments, churches, colleges, high schools, television stations and many owner/operators.

We’ve come a long way from the startup garage/home based business in 2002 to our current 3,000 square foot factory here in a small farming town in California’s central valley. We are going to need more space soon. Thanks to all who have spent your hard earned dollars here and have increased your production value to a new level. We have worked hard to earn and keep your business. We’ll continue to do so into the future!

We like our customers. Our customers like us. We are easy to call or email and do business with. We answer the phone with a smile. We’re nice people. We’re JonyJib…

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