JonyJib 2

The JonyJib2 is expandable from 9’ (2 sections) to 18’ (5 sections) in 3’ increments. The main arm and extension sections are fabricated aluminum extrusions while the pivot point, camera platform and rear control center are steel. All are powder coated with a durable cobalt black textured finish.

What sets the JonyJib2 apart from others is its ability to telescope and nest within itself. It does not require the unsightly and cumbersome cantilevers stabilization wires that other jibs in this range require. This crane’s modularity is built on its lightweight, octagonal, aluminum extension sections which, start at the tail and progressively get smaller as you get closer to the camera. The best part is, the arm breaks down to fit into an optional 48″ tripod bag. The pivot, camera platform, rear control center and miscellaneous items also fit into an optional, custom foamed, Pelican 1650 carrying case with wheels.

If you’ve been asking yourself why other cranes cost so much or so little, ask no more. JonyJibs will easily get longer or shorter, perform better, give you smoother shots, last longer and flex less.

JonyJib2 (100mm Mount) Jr 9 12 15 18
Section 1 2 3 4 5
Camera Height (feet) 8 9 12 15 18
Reach (feet) 3 4 7 10 13
Fulcrum Points 1 3 2 2 2
Camera Capacity (lbs) 40 40 30 30 30
Price $1,300 $1,900 $2,500 $3,100 $3,700


JonyJib2 100mm Mounting Hub  – included

The JonyJib2 mounts to a 100mm bowl style tripod via this 100mm half ball mounting hub. The JonyJib’s pivot bracket attaches to this hub’s aluminum disc and glides on an oil impregnated bearing. This gives the JonyJib perfect drag for smooth panning of the arm. The friction knob allows you to brake the jib or apply additional drag as needed. The half ball allows you to level the jib even when the tripod is not level.

JonyJib2 Rear Control Center & Weight Bar – included

This unit provides a horizontal bar to mount your controls upon. It also provides a horizontal bar for your counterweights. We recommend a combination of 25, 10, 5, and 2.5 pound cast iron plate weights with at least a 1″ mounting hole. This assembly swivels further absorbing unwanted vibration or movement from the operator. It also keeps the controls in a comfortable position in any jib attitude.

JonyJib2 Accessory Pack – included

The JonyJib2 comes with convenience items to make setup and tear down quicker. We include a bubble level, hex screwdriver and a spacer kit. This pack also includes an owner’s manual and a DVD featuring safety tips, setup instructions and basic moves primer.

JonyJib LCD Monitor Mount – included

You can easily mount your LCD monitor with this articulating mount. One end attaches to the JonyJib pivot bracket while the other provides a 1/4″ threaded knob to screw into the bottom or top of your monitor. For 4″ to 12″ LCD monitors with 1/4″ – 20 mounting threads.


We grow with you and your Jib! Each extension tube is 4’ long giving a 1’ overlap between sections. Since each section slides out, pulled from the previous sections, you may store unused sections in the tail as ballast weight. This lightens your counterweight demand. You can buy as few, or as many, sections as you need. Then purchase more sections when you need them.

You can also upgrade your JonyJib2 to a JonyJib Pro with this kit which includes: 6″ Mitchell mounting hub, 6″ pivot bracket; 6″ rear control spacers; 6″ camera platform; 30′ leveling cable and an auxillary weight bar.. Additional hardware and spacers included for each tube.

JonyJib2 Upgrades Price
9U Upgrade Kit from JJ2 Jr to JJ2 09 $600
12U Upgrade Kit from JJ2 9 to JJ2 12 $600
15U Upgrade Kit from JJ2 12 to JJ2 15 $600
18U Upgrade Kit from JJ2 15 to JJ2 18 $600
ProUP Upgrade Kit from JonyJib2 to JonyJib Pro $2,100