Get your best worship moments on camera

with a professional 18 ft jib that reaches12 ft and moves along with its tripod and dolly on wheels. Choose the right bundle according to your camera size. If you need a longer jib, do not hesitate to contact us for a jib upgrade.

House of worship cranes
Features House of Worship Small Cam Bundle PA House of Worship Large Cam Bundle PB
Camera type For Mini DV & HD LANC Style Cameras up to 10 lbs. For ENG, Film & DSLR Cameras Up To 30 lbs.
JonyJib2 – 18
(Height 18ft / 5.5m) (Reach 12ft / 3.6m).
Base System includes 100mm Mounting Hub & Rear Control Center
$3,700 $3,700
LCD 13i SDI – 13″ HD-SDI Field Monitor (multi-input + loop) $995 $995
MotorHead HD (for up to 30lb cameras)​
Pan & Tilt Remote Motorized Controller & Head
n/a $2,700
MotorHead Mini (for up to 10lb cameras)​
Pan & Tilt Remote Motorized Controller & Head
$1,790 n/a
ZR4FZ Universal Zoom Focus & Iris Controller
Remote Zoom Control for powered lenses. Remote Focus Control w/ motor & gear (for Canon or Fujinon Video ENG lenses). Other options available for ALL other lenses/cameras.
n/a $1,875
Sony RM-1BP – Zoom/Focus/Record/etc
LANC Remote Camera Control. Controls Canon, JVC & Sony LANC Cameras.*Panasonic and other controllers also available
$360 n/a
JonyJib LH – Rear Control Mount for LANC controls $125 n/a
JonyJib Wiring Kit 20 Harness/Loom
Power/Pan & Tilt/Video/LANC cables (22’)
$265 $265
JonyJib Power Distribution Box (12 volt)
1 input – 4 outputs passive (supply not included)
$210 $210
JonyJib Power Supply (12 volt x 5 amps)
XLR-4 female cable
$160 $160
Manfrotto 528XB Heavy Duty Tripod
Silver w/ 100mm Bowl – supports JonyJib2
$1,165 $1,165
Manfrotto 114 3 Point Dolly
w/ stirrups and 5” wheels– supports JonyJib2
$575 $575
Regular List Price $9,345 $11,645
Bundle Price (10% discount) $8,410 $10,480

Need a longer or shorter jib?

Add or subtract $500 for each 3 foot section​ (minimum 8 feet to a maximum of 30 feet)

Need cases?

Add $1,340 for all cases

Need a custom bundle?

Call us and we will configure a personalized system for you!

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