Parabolic Microphones

If you’re doing sports or special events where you need to pin point audio, far away from the action, then this product is for you.

The 6 lb. JonyShot is a hand held or tripod mounted highly directional 24″ parabolic microphone. It can be purchased ready to go with electronics or you can add your own electronics. The JonyShot has two comfortable grips on either side of the dish making it easy to hand hold and aim. The bottom of the unit has a mounting plate with 1/4″ threads for mating to a tripod for fixed or aimed shots.

The isolated microphone mount accepts most lapel, handheld or shotgun microphones giving you complete control over the audio you are expecting. It will even accept a different mount if you prefer. The microphone is aimed to the rear center of the dish where the audio is concentrated and directed into the microphone’s element. Audio can be picked up from as little as 3 feet or as much as 500 feet depending on wind and weather conditions. Each JonyShot ships with tripod mounting hardware and a 5′ microphone cable.

Unlike other units on the market, the JonyShot gives you maximum range at an affordable price!

Parabolic Size 24 inches or .6 meters
Weight 6 lbs or 3 kilos
Range 3 feet to 300 feet or .9 to 100 meters
(varies by conditions)
Supports Handheld or tripod/monopod mount (1/4″)
Materials Lexan and Aluminum

Microphone Preamp for Parabolic Microphone (Sound Devices MM1 or equivalent)

1 – Microphone, Shotgun for Parabolic Microphone (AT897 or equivalent)

1 – Headphones for Parabolic Microphone (AKG K240S or equivalent)


– 24″ Lexan Dish
– Comfortable Handles
– Also Mounts to tripod
– Universal Isolated Mic Mount

– Easy Aiming
– Two piece design
– Quick setup
– Sensitive from 3-500′
– Weighs 6 lbs w/o mic
– Can be Wired or Wireless

Highly Directional Sports and Event Microphone